Conquer Your Fitness Goals With PTron Pulsefit Fitness Trackers

Whether you are running in your backyard or you are getting ready for a backcountry bicycle trip, a Ptron fitness tracker like a smartband or a Pulsefit Smartwatch is all you need to accommodate your lifestyle and monitor your progress towards your fitness goals.

If you are among those who think that fitness trackers are just a mindless trend, then you must know that these are your first step towards making a smarter decision in favour of your health. These pocket friendly devices help you attain your fitness goals and keep all the important things handy. They come packed with a plethora of features like tracking your daily activities, call and messages alerts, music control, sedentary reminder, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, oximeter, pedometer and so much more.

So, if you are planning to buy the best fitness tracker, here’s some good news for you. Ptron’s newly launched Pulsefit P261 Smart Watch and Pulsefit F121 Smart Fitness Band are a great way to embark on your fitness journey towards good health.

Both the gadgets are compatible with Android & iOS and are all about sophisticated health features, advanced smart features, and detailed sports tracking. And most importantly, these are budget-friendly too. So, if you also like the idea of a miniature smartphone on your wrist, or you want to go for special sports-tracking features, then take a closer look at the features of both these gadgets.

PTron Pulsefit P261 Smartwatch Features

  • Stopwatch: To assist your interval training, the Pulsefit smartwatch comes with a highly customizable interval timer.
  • 8 Sports Mode: PTron Pulsefit Smartwatch comes packed with different sport modes like running, cycling, basketball, sit-ups, jumping jacks, badminton, volleyball, and tennis.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: It can monitor your heart rate and check the rhythm of your heart.
  • Sleep Monitor: It has a sleep monitor to help you keep a check on your sleep cycle. It also comes with an oximeter to monitor your blood oxygen levels.
  • BT Calling 4.0: It is enabled with Bluetooth v4.0 that allows you to make a call through the watch without touching your phone at all.
  • Sedentary Alert: PTron Pulsefit Smartwatch band is more than just your gym buddy. It has a sedentary alert. It characterizes your behaviour by energy expenditure, while in reclining, sitting or sleeping position.Ptron P261
  • Find Device: If you can’t find your watch, you can use the FitPro app to locate your Pulsefit P261 Smartwatch. Just tap ‘Find’ on the app, and the watch will start to vibrate.
  • Camera and Music Remote: Music and workout go hand in hand. It let you change the music through the watch. You can even use your phone’s camera through the watch.
  • Push Notifications: Pulsefit android smartwatch keeps you updated with all the important notifications, whether it’s a call or a message.
  • Easy To Use Interface: The best thing about the Pulsefit smartwatch band is its user-friendly interface. The screen design makes everything easily accessible with just one touch that makes this android smartwatch popular among all generations.
  • Watch Face: Who says health and fashion can’t be on the same level? Pulsefit smartwatches for men and women are available in many colours, dial sizes, and displays. From 50+ options including live watch faces, you can pick something that suits your style.
  • Mobile App Support: You can set all the features of the watch using a mobile app called FitPro. Scan the QR code to read the user manual of your smartwatch online.
  • Pedometer: Walking is the most basic physical activity one can do. Its pedometer counts the number of steps you walked through the day.

PTron Pulsefit F121 Smart Fitness Band Features

  • Pedometer: Every fitness journey starts with small steps. Just like the smartwatch, the built-in pedometer in this band counts those steps for you to help achieve bigger goals.
  • Lightweight: Its mere weight of 23 g makes it easy and comfortable to wear it 24*7.
  • TFT Colour Display: It has a beautiful 0.93-inch TFT colour display.
  • Sedentary Alert: To help you live your workout routine, PTron Pulsefit F121 Smart Fitness Band sends a sedentary alert when your energy expenditure is less than 1.5 metabolic equivalents.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Measure your heart rate as often as you want with this heart rate monitor.
  • 5 Fitness Modes: The Pulsefit Fitness Band is packed with five sport modes like climbing, riding, running, football and basketball.
  • Sleep Monitor: Our body goes through major changes with different exercise levels. Keep an eye on your sleep cycle with the sleep monitor.Ptron F121
  • Notification Reminders with Vibrations: Never miss an important notification with Pulsefit Fitness Band on your hand.
  • IP65 Water-resistant: With Pulsefit F121 Smart Fitness Band, do any water activity you want. Go swimming, snorkelling, or dance in the rain without worrying about the fitness band.
  • Built-in USB Connector: No need to carry along your charging dock everywhere you go. You can charge this band using any USB port.
  • 5-days Battery Life: Charge for three hours and use the fitness band for five days straight.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 4.0: Pair the band with your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity.

The most amazing thing is, you don’t have to spend a large sum of money on these PTron Pulsefit fitness gadgets. It’s a great way to record your progress in a home-gym or outside and track the progress of your fitness goals.

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