How Google Tables are different from Google Sheets?

Please don’t confuse this with Google Sheets this is way different Google Sheets more like to write the formula stuff but Google Tables is way more advanced and user friendly very nice look and feel.

I am excited to share that Google Tables that just launched so right now it’s in a beta form so you can only see it if you’re in the United States but I will give you a quick tip if you use a VPN making it think you’re in the united states you can actually use it you don’t need to create a brand new Google account just use the one you have already

Google Tables is free you don’t have to pay anything, and they have a paid version if you need more tables than what it already gives you so it’s only $10 for the paid version monthly.

I think Google is trying to go after Airtable because that’s the kind of the most competitor closest competitor. I think it’s not there yet but that’s why they’re in beta mode right now so you can do automations, you can do TODO list. you can use Kanban view, and this is cool. I will explain one by one how this article progress. Please read whole article it will makes you aware of all the latest features of Google Tables.

Please don’t confuse this with Google Sheets this is way different Google Sheets more like to write the formula stuff

but Google Tables is way more advanced and user friendly very nice look and feel.

In this article I am going to describe here step by step how this automation tool works.

Below screenshot is the Google Tables Site and as I mention above if you are in United States via VPN you can launch this site. Please check this link it’s free there is no affiliate thing or anything going on just you can check it that a cool tool you use right now.

Below screenshot the pricing tables as I mention above, they have a free version and a paid version. The free version gives you up to 10 tables 1000 rows per table 1 Gigabyte of attachments that’s per table also 50 actions and they have a limited History sharing, Form creation automation and View so they have some limits there.

How do I get started?

What is Area 120?

At this point not so clear but for example you connect you can add the automations they’re called bots you can only add two per table that’s one of the limitations that I found but they should be more clear in future remember they are in beta stage. There is lot of information that might change and if you need more there is a paid version that costs $10 just in case you want to grab.

Below is the Dashboard of Google Tables and you see a TODO list just click on that Will show you the Kanban view then select Kanban view  it will show a view from google tables this not at all like a Google Sheets you cannot do it on google sheets because on Google Sheet  you can’t drag and drop you can’t like update. What it does if you drag it this way see how that update into Errands instead of Fam/Friends so all that good stuff and you can do accounting like tables a whole lot of things you could do that are so advanced that you couldn’t do on google sheets.

Now let me give you like an overview of what this is let’s just say for example you are using monday which is a popular app and you only see like the nice view correct? and you only see drop down menus, you see some boxes where you can add the information but you can’t edit but with Google Tables you can actually edit on the backend what you wanted to do so you have that like developer access.

You could give that kind of sense with it, so you have more options with this than you would do with an app that’s already built and you can only do what they tell you or what they added as a developer so this way you can do a lot of editing and for example for accounting you can do your own formulas and do kind of good stuff that will automate more than you would do with other apps.

Now, I would like to explain TODO list process you will find it’s very easy and user-friendly automation let me build a

TODO list. Please follow the steps. I am going to click on this New button, and we can create a blank Workspace which means you can separate your workspaces. for example, one business or a second business or just separate the Workspace like this is Marketing workspace, this is the Accounting Workspace and you can separate it that way.

If I don’t want to create Workspace instead, I want to create a Table please follow the steps here. Click on New button then select Tables from list see below is Blank Table.

This is a blank table kind of looks like Google Sheets, but this is not right it’s not all right so this brand new one we’re going to call it we’re going to call it TODO. Click on Untitled Column 1 then change name as TODO then click on Done button.

Next click Untitled Column 2 change the column as Status and then select “Dropdown” from type menu and finally click on Done Button.

Next Click on Status Column add the item for Status column like PENDING, PROCESS, CANCELLED and WORKING then click on Done. You can change the item color as severity.

Next click Untitled Column 3 change the column as ASIGNE and then select “Person” from type menu and finally click on Done Button.

Next click on ASIGN column add the person name or Email in search box preferably add Email because we are going automate.

Now, I am going to add task for TODO list for example I am adding task like Make Video, Work on Description, Delete Old Video.

Next Click on Kanban Board Layout.

You will get the below dialogue box Click on OK.

Here Kanban board layout and this is where we can add the drag and drop so for example we got the  No Status right here so Make a video that would be in Pending and if you want to add Work on Description this could be a Process and Delete old Video could be in Working.

Now I want to do an automation so in this case I am going to select  Bots right here and we can do different type of bots so for example we can select a trigger what do you want to do with the trigger is it going to be based on the column value like I am showing you here it could be time based depending on what time you want to use the row added or row removed so remove something it’s going to do a trigger in this case it’s going to be a value and it’s going to be in status.

If this status is changed we are going to send it to an email so by the email I am going to assign a variable right here so it could be the email address is optional if you want it to be like sent by but in this case who is it going to be sent to so in this case it’s going to be by the assignee.

All right that’s who it’s going to be assigned to so the assignee has an email tagged to it so that’s how it’s going to be sent and in this case the subject of the email so it’s going to be Take a Look and a variable right  here I can add a variable with a column or based on a variable that they have so for example I will use that in a bit so this one’s based on a column and this is going to be the TODO that’s what it’s going to added.

The Email body is going to be like Hello Take a Look  and again we’re going to add that variable from a column it’s going to be TODO and then I am  going to say what the status is just going to give that information and it’s also going to be based on a column so it’s going to be the status and at the end is check it out here all.

I am going to do is add the assignee and I’m going to change the status to activate the bot so I’m going to change it from process to pending all right so that should send out an email let’s go back to my email let’s refresh it and there it is remember I said take a look and the variable was TODO so that’s work on description.

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