Smart Social Media Strategies for 2021

We normally trying to find out what are the few biggest social media mistakes going on right now and maybe whether you might do them so. I will go through some of these and you can find out that there some things that you need to stop. Some things that you need to do differently let me explain about them. The first mistake I would like to talk about is a big one probably the biggest one it’s too many platforms, so you see a lot of people out their all-over social media.

People want to be on twitter and Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn and tick tock and everywhere else and that is just the worst idea you could possibly employ because you can’t be great at all those social network platforms, now what’s your idea to do Is you want to find one or two that you can really excel at so for your business Is that Facebook and Instagram, possibly is it maybe your business to business and it might be just LinkedIn.

Are you targeting teens and maybe tick tock is your platform, so you really want to focus on one platform that you can excel at now, if you’ve dominated one platform then you can move to another platform you’ll see that working more and more, what are you do with that information. You’re probably going to kill some of your social media platforms that’s what I would do, so take some of the energy that you’re, putting towards some of those other platforms and bring it over and be great at first one and then maybe two.

I don’t think, many individuals can be awesome, at more than two now if you’re, a huge group and you can do three and four and you’ve got 40 to 60 people on your social media staff that’s a little bit different but if it’s just one or two people if, you got a small marketing department just focus on being great at one and maybe use some of those other ones as feedback loops or listening channels just to gather information from your customer base.

Second big mistake people tend to do that have no real consistent strategy about what they’re talking about and who they’re talking to and whether even niche enough in their topics so what you really want to find out here is what is your content tilt where is that area of information that you’re going to communicate that cuts through all the clutter that separates you from everything else what’s your differentiation point so you can differentiate in a couple ways first of all it’s the topics it’s actually on the content itself.

Are you covering an area that you could really be the leading expert in the world so that’s one the second area? Are you targeting a niche enough audience so for example let’s say you’re talking to retail owner dealing with multiple brands of cloths, well retail owner are way too broad really you want to get it down to you know are you targeting retail owners, that live in  let’s say in coastal area of India for example in Chennai  that like to travel with their stuffs  a niche.

Audience sector that’s the kind of thing that we want to do we really want to focus on a group that we can actually be the leading experts in the world about some kind of information so that’s the second one we really want to focus on what that content tilt is what that differentiation area is and not be so broad and just try to target everyone and talk about anything we want to talk.

Third thing is are you helpful enough there’s so many mistakes around you just content that’s just not helpful and there’s two different things that, you want to look at the first thing is are you actually creating helpful and interesting information? I mean send your social media stuff out to some friends and family and ask them is this even interesting, is it helpful to you focus on some key customer groups and send them your information and say is this stuff  that would interest you, is this would you subscribe to my following if you got this kind of information so that’s the first part of this and the second part is are you integrating other influencers content into your streams.

You need to be doing that what I mean by other influencers is what other bloggers and podcasters and influencers and media companies are trying to communicate with the same audience you are so whatever that group is you want to share some of their content on your platforms too so you can start building a relationship with them so that they begin to know who you are so that at some point maybe they’ll share your information out their audiences too this is a long-term thing. Friends it takes time to do this, so you want to make sure that you have a strategy for who those influencers are and then bake them into your feed so that helpful idea goes two different ways.

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