Why use SAP Analytics Cloud?

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SAP Digital Boardroom agenda for presentation to major stakeholders. Finally, you can perform other activities that support your planning and analytic goals, such as conducting online discussions, sharing files and creating events and tasks.

SAP Analytics Cloud yes, a perfect cloud solution for every business in today’s world. SAP Analytics Cloud is designed around you. Wherever you are using it at your desk, in the boardroom, or with a customer and whatever capabilities you want data exploration, visualization and analysis, financial planning or predictive forecasting.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a single solution to meet all your analytic needs. Built on the SAP Cloud Platform for exceptional performance and scalability. SAP Analytics Cloud enables you to work with data from a wide range of sources.

By importing the data into the cloud or creating secure live connections to cloud or on premise data sources you can create a model within SAP Analytics Cloud that can be shared with many other users with data access customized to each user’s level of authorization.

Models can be used for planning purposes or for analytics. Within a model you can enrich your data to support time-based charts and geo maps assign responsibility for organizational units to specific users and apply model security enable data auditing and create formulas and variables. You can also define additional details, such as currency conversion tables or geographical points of interest.

Once your models are set up you can create stories in which you can explore and visualize the associated data in charts, tables, and geo maps. You can customize charts to meet your specific requirements using a wide range of features including adding other data sources and linking dimensions changing the type or orientation of the chart adding details to help make sense of the data such as reference lines and performance thresholds and drilling down into or filtering data.

For stories based on planning models you can also create private versions of your data, modify key values, create input tasks, allocate, spread, distribute, and assign values and predict future trends. You can further refine your stories by adding images and pictograms, text, and input controls.

Once complete, these stories can be shared with other users or teams or compiled into an SAP Digital Boardroom agenda for presentation to major stakeholders. Finally, you can perform other activities that support your planning and analytic goals, such as conducting online discussions, sharing files and creating events and tasks.


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